West Ham 1-4 Liverpool – Jurgen Klopp’s Full Post Match Press Conference (VIDEO)

Jurgen Klopp spoke to the Press shorty after Liverpool won 1-4 away to West Ham in the Premier League on Saturday. 

Klopp had to make difficult decisions ahead of the game, he said: “We had big decision to decide from yesterday. Sadio Mane from the beginning after his injury, one training session yesterday, the second season with the team, I have never done that before to be honest but it wasn’t the worse idea I’ve ever had.

“Changing the system without proper training again yesterday for the first time. We did it four four two which look from the beginning a very offensive line-up but we had a different idea we wanted to defend deeper, more compact and then using the space for the counter attacks.”

Klopp is delighted with how his team have responded since the Tottenham defeat a fortnight ago, he said: “This is a fantastic week, we knew after the Tottenham game two weeks ago that we were really bad but Tottenham are always good, but we were the main reason for that result. We wanted to strike back and the boys did with three really nice results.”

Klopp’s full post match press conference published by @BeanymanSports: