Liverpool Legend Steve Nicol Slams FSG Over Rumoured Philippe Coutinho Move To Barcelona (VIDEO)

Former Liverpool legend and ESPN pundit Steve Nicol has attacked Reds owners Fenway Sports Group over the the potential sale of Philippe Coutinho to Barcelona. 

Reports in Brazil have suggest Coutinho is on the verge of joining the Spanish Giants in the coming days.

A disappointed Nicol said: “As a supporter of the club this is a kick in the teeth. I’m spending by hard earned money on jerseys, on following the team, on getting a season ticket and then they go and sell the best player.”

Nicol claimed the owners are more interested in money than success on the football pitch, he continued: “The business is okay and forget the glory, that’s what the Fenway Group have shown me. Going to sell Coutinho? Doesn’t look like they’re interest in the glory, more interested in the business.”

Asked if the Reds will make the top six, Nicol replied: “No they’re not in the top six, I don’t see them making the top four. Look what they’ve done. Not only are they going to sell Coutinho, Liverpool need to bring players in, not get rid of their best players.”

Below is the full interview: